After the most successful first year running we could have hoped for, Forró Ireland are deleriously happy to invite you to the 2017 Forró Dublin Festival.

Thanks to the teachers & bands who educated & entertained us, all of you who came from around Europe celebrate with us and the army of Forrozeires that made it all happen, we learned a lot from your feedback and responses to the 2016 festival, and in 2017 year we're looking to make it even better.

We're all about family and community here in Forró Ireland, and this is what counts to us most. We're a different sort of breed of Forrozeiro. We have a unique culture and we're proud of that. We're not looking to grow for growths sake. But we do want to welcome new forrozeires into our network and exhibit one of the most thriving and fun forró communities in Europe.

And we've got some great ideas on how to do that!

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The full schedule for the festival will be available soon but you'll have a full 3 days of workshops this year from Friday to Sunday, with normal weekly classes on Wednesday and Thursday as well, plus all the parties you could imagine.