Forró Ireland was formed officially in May 2014 by a group of friends who love all things forró. Our mission is to make forró grow here in Ireland. We aim to do this by providing top quality classes, fantastic parties and bringing the best teachers from across the world to share their skill in their wonderful workshops. More than that, we want to pass on our love of forró to each of you. So if you’re wondering what that song is, how that movement works, etc just ask. We believe that our passion for the dance and music will be contagious!

Since forming, our core group has grown. We are not just three people, with a dream of creating more forró, but a small community. Some of us are involved in front end work and you see our faces, while others are working behind the scenes to make the magic happen. Without

We also want to bring the forró community closer together, which is why you’ll see we’ve linked you to forró communities and events all over the world. And believe us once you’ve got that dancing bug, you’ll be arranging your holidays around forró festivals :) 

Our dream is to create the forró events that you want and love. With this is mind, we welcome your feedback on what we do well and how we can make things better.


You may have noticed that our dancefloors are getting more crowded these days and we’ve a lot of great new smiling happy faces :) Whoohooo!

We’ve also got more forro happening during the week than ever before, which is fantastic to see. With all this in mind, there can be additional costs! So, from March 1st, we’ll need to change the price on some of (not all) our existing classes. You can check out the prices here

BUT, with this comes good news!!
With the increase in funding and our upcoming festival, which we KNOW is going to be a success we’ll be able to do even more forro!

We’re already sending Sabrina and Romulo down to Cork to teach at {add in details about that} and we’re going to try and organise even more Congresses, workshops and parties to make 2017:


We hope that you’ll stick with us, and we look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor and to another AWESOME year of Forro!

All our love,
Your Forro Ireland Crew

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